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Growth Market Iran

The LIGA.M is mainly active in the markets in the Middle East. The identification of markets in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, as a trading hub and main hub of consumer and commercial goods, provides in particular Oman, a key role in our trading partner network there.


Due to the elimination of the trade embargo against adjoining countries, awakens a new economic and commercial size in the Persian Gulf.


Therefore, we have focused our activity in this market in order to meet the considerable need of economic and consumer goods in all areas of life optimally by trading partners and investors.


Iran therefore is at a crossroads to a prosperous economic and consumer industry, which can be linked for years from the world economic situation.


With our strong trading partners with headquarters and offices in Dubai, we are able to optimally address and develop the markets for our customers!


Are you a manufacturer of commercial, industrial or consumer goods round to expand international or purchase goods? We look forward to hearing from you!


We offer the best contacts to business and industry.



Factsheet about the market:

- population: 79,450,000

- GDP 2014: $ 415.3 billion - as of 2011: $ 528.4 billion

- GDP growth: 3.2% / increase by 6-8% per year

- Inflation rate: 16.8% (2015) - 2016: 10% Decreasing

- Government debt: 14.6% of GDP

- Development of foreign trade

   import: $   89 billion / 2-digit % growth per year

   export: $ 129 billion / 1-digit % growth per year

- Foreign-cash assets: approximately $ 350 billion

Beginning of distribution partnerships until to large investors, we ensure a successful partnership!