Best Organic capers from Iran!

Fresh capers from organic farming

We market fresh capers in any size, placed in brine and / or apple cider vinegar in best organic quality from Iran!

The caper is harvested in the north of Iran, and is purely organic and offers quality and taste. The harvest season is from April to June. Orders can be placed from 10 tons and are delivered by truck.


Product Info: Capern                  Size

Capers: "nonpareils"        -     4 -   7 Millimeter

                "Surf Ines"           -     7 -   8 Millimeter

                "Capucines"        -     8 -   9 Millimeter

                "Capotes"             -     9 - 10 Millimeter

                "Mil-/Fines"         -   12 - 13 Millimeter

                "Hors Calibres"   -  13 - 15 Millimeter


State:       Freshly - inserted in brine and / or cider vinegar

Source:    North Iran - from organic farming

Shelf life:  at least 12 Months.


Order quantities / Availability:

Minimum order quantity:       5.000 Kg and after consultation

Maximum order quantity:    60.000 Kg p.m.

Annual production:            240.000 Kg


Harvest time:                     from april until june


Payment & Settlement.:

Price FOB:                  upon request

Delivery Condition:     EXW

Payment Processing: L / C, T / T

Trucks:                          Tehran

Delivery time:               5-7 days after ordering

Our caper offer:


Capers "nonpareils" (4-7 mm)             Capers "Surf Ines" (7-8 mm)

Capern "Capucines" (8-9 mm)           Capern "Capotes" (9-10 mm)

Capern "Milfines" (10-13 mm)   Capern "Hors calibres(13-15 mm)

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