Best quality of juice/puree concentrate

Juice Concentrate & Puree Organic Farming!

We market fruit juice concentrates and fruit puree in best quality from Iran. The products of our exclusive suppliers are organically grown and certified!

We work with the best producers of fruit juice concentrates & Mus together and offer: 

  • highest quality at competitive prices
  • from pure organically grown / organic certification
  • securing raw material (reservation) on the market
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Intermediate storage in Iran


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Fruit juices:    Pomegranate (white/red), red and white grapefruit,                           dates,  Barberry, sour cherries, kiwi, plums, apples

Fruit mus:       raisins, dates, apricots, plums, dates,

                          Peach, tomatoes, apples

Concentrate: 1:5 to 1:30 (i.d.R. 1:10)

state:                Freshly

Delivery:          primarily aseptic in 260-280 KG bag or in plastic

                           containers in metal drums

Origin:              Iran

Certificate:      ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 22000/2005
                           HACCP-Quality-Systems and HALAL-Certificate


Order quantities and availability:

Minimum order:                   10 Tons

Maximum order quantity: 100 Tons per month

Availability:                        depending on the harvest time and stock


We are happy to answer your questions about our offer!


Contact us to request further concentrates / puree, which is about the local deals beyond!

fruit juice concentrates

Kiwi                                            Pomegranate

Date                                           Red Grapefruit

Yellow grapefruit                     sour cherries

barberry                                      apple

Plum                                            Raisin

Our fruit-Mus offer: