Best sea salt from the Persian Gulf!

Best sea salt - biologically cleaned by oxygen washout!

We refine best sea salt, obtained from the Persian Gulf to aromatic salt cooking delights.


The recovered and skimmed by hand sea salt is subjected to a biological treatment by the salt is rinsed with oxygen, are washed out by the impurities and gypsum components.


The sea salt thereby obtained is of high quality and rich in valuable minerals.


For further refinement, we mix the sea salt herbs and aromas from purely biological cultivation gained at which again increases the enjoyment of this natural starting product by a multiple.


We basically offer the following Sea flavored salt:

- Pepperoni          - lemon                 - vanilla

- Thyme                 - Rosemary          - Basil

- Dill                        - Orange               - barberry

- Pomegranate    - Paprika               - Mediterranean herbs


On request, we offer our customers any desired flavored taste of sea salt. If you as a major customer might be interested in more information about our offer, we look forward to your contact.

From our offer

Lemons and rosemary Sea salt and basil

  Pepperoni salt              Rosemary salt                Vanilla salt

Lemons and rosemary sea salt