Best winter truffles from Iran!

Fresh Gourmet truffles from Iran

We market exclusively white, red, brown and black winter truffle from wild harvest in high quality from Iran!

The Iranian truffles offers in quality and tuber size and is always delivered fresh. The truffle harvest season begins in December and ends at the end of April. Orders can be placed from 5 Kg and are delivered by air freight.


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Truffle:     Tuber magnatum     - white truffle

                   Tuber brumale Vitt. - black winter truffle

                   Port Culinaire            - red winter truffle

                   Tuber nitidum           - brown winter truffle


form:                 piece

state:                fresh

Source:            north Iran  – wild harvest

Durability:        30 days    – in the oil-glass up to 6 months

Product Type: Truffle / Tuber


Order quantities / Availability:

Minimum order quantity:   negotiable

Maximum order quantity:    25.000 Kg

Annual production:            300.000 Kg

Availability:                         from December to April


Payment & Settlement.:

Price FOB:                  upon request

Delivery Condition:     EXW

Payment Processing: L / C, T / T

Airport:                         Tehran

Delivery time:               5-7 days after ordering / Airfreight


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Our truffle offer:

Tuber magnatum — white truffle

Tuber brumale Vitt. - black winter truffle

Port Culinaire - red winter truffle

Tuber nitidum - brown winter truffle