Bitumen 60/70 - Marketing!

We market Bitumen 60/70 in best quality from Iran. Bitumen 60/70 is the most popular bitumen quality for road construction and other industrial purposes.

We work with major bitumen producers and offer:

  • Highest quality at competitive prices
  • securing the raw material (reservation) on the market
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Interim storage in Iran

Below is the product specification table, which are documented and certified by SGS or third party inspection companies:


Product Features: BITUMEN 60/70

characteristics                                     Unit         Result              Test Method

Softening point                                       ⁰C             50,1              EN 1427

Penetration at 25⁰C                          dmm.               65              EN 1426

Specific gravity at 25⁰C                 gr/cm 3           1,008              EN 15326

Flashpoint                                                ⁰C             310              EN ISO 2592

Heating loss                                       % (wt)      + 0,05%              EN 12607-2

Solubility in trichlorethylene                 %             99,8              ASTM D2042

Ductility at 25⁰C                                     cm          > 150              ASTM D113

Viscosity at 135⁰C                                    cP             540              EN 12595

Penetration by TFOT                               %                74              ASTM D1754

DucAlity at 25⁰C by TFOT                      cm           > 100              ASTM D113


Delivery may be made under any conditions such as FOB, CFR and CIF.


For more information you can send us however an inquiry:

Bitumen offering

Bitumen 60/70 - Iran:

Original:                   Iran

Packing:                   Bulk or drum

Volume:                    max. 30.000 MT per month

Delivery-time:          FOB, Bandar Abbas - CFR

Payment:                   10% deposit on the PI and

                                   final payment 2 days after

                                   delivery date

Inspectors Third:     SGS

Payment Currency:  USD, AED or Euro

Exchange Rate:      · for USD /AED: 3.67

                                 · for USD /Euro: 5 days after
BL-date based on the published ECB rate