Your purchasing agent - world action!

Service as purchasing agent / world

The LIGA.M also works as a purchasing agent on behalf of customers to take advantage in global trade (import / export) market to take opportunities for your customers and to optimize procurement resources.

The focus of business operations is primarily the procurement of industrial and consumer goods.


The services include:

Market Research:           extensive surveys of vendors & Deals

Inquiry Request:             fundraising and collecting of offers

Pre-Due Diligence:          Pre-selection and bid-evaluation after

                                              customer preferences

Due diligence:                  screening and inspection of the goods and

                                              industrial goods

Final Closing:                   contract negotiations until the final closing!

Transport & Logistics:  On request is also the transport and logistics

                                             accepted the goods


In the following product groups in the primary and secondary market, we offer our activity as the worldwide service provider and purchasing agent at:

Your global purchasing agent!

+ Detailed market research

+ Quick tender procurement

+ Customer-oriented service

+ Full service provider: from the initial

   speech until closing!

+ Global trading partner network

+ Fair pricing

     medical                 construction               turbines                 cranes                   industrial machinery   agriculture

generators               factory acquisition    industrial goods     packing machines    production line        Special Truck

The deals represent only a summary of our service portfolio there, which can be determined individually by each client.