Your Success through partnership!

Trading partner for a successful market entry

By lifting of the trade embargo, Iran opens a new and large market for international manufacturers of BtB and BtC products. To serve the booming consumer demand for international manufacturers (labels), offer or we arrange exclusive license sales partnerships for a successful market entry in Iran!

The LIGA.M sees itself as Entrepreneur and incubator for the successful marketing and arranging of commercial partnerships in the "Non-Food" and "Food" section.


Exclusive Distributorship

We are active for our trading partners usually exclusive partner on local societies in which we trade partners and market player's success can make in the context of existing contacts can be planned and targeted.

We use both our excellent network of contacts to politics and economics, as well as the regional sales know-how of our partners!


Strategic investors

In addition, we also represent the interests of major investors from target markets to acquire exclusive marketing rights of international / national labels and manufacturers to introduce the products nationwide and to successfully distribute!


Faster market entry and development

The very good Iranian economic relations and the contact Local, provide our license partner companies provide a favorable climate for entrepreneurial success with low risk!


Iran is one of the most interesting markets in the world and we will continue to expand the development of exclusive distribution partnerships with leading manufacturers steadily.

Trading Partner

 Our services:

• Development of market & distribution channels

• know-how in regional competition

• Best relation to business and politics

• Acquisition of strategic investors

• Establishing domestic production of

  foreign trade goods

• Legislation and legal protection for

  Patents and Trademarks

• Easy import processes and import tariffs

If you as a manufacturer of consumer and industrial goods also want to participate in the prosperous growth in Iran, we look forward to your contact.