Your success is our drive!

The LIGA.M operates as an entrepreneur and incubator for the successful marketing of products in the "Non-Food"& "Food"

section in the markets Middle East. Our specialty here is also the international market. Our customers include both companies from our target markets, as well as German and increasingly European companies that want to dare to enter, primarily in the "Persian Gulf".


Exclusive distributors

We are working for our customers and business partners usually exclusive partner on local societies, where we trade partners and market player's success can make in the context of existing contacts can be planned and targeted. We use both, our excellent network of contacts to politics and business in our key-market, as well as the regional sales know-how of our partners!


Service as a purchasing agent / world

The LIGA.M also works as a 

purchasing agent on behalf of customers to the worldwide Trade to exploit market opportunities and optimize procurement resources. The focus of business operations preceded the procurement of Industrial and consumer goods.


Strategic investors

In addition, we also represent the interests of major investors from target markets to acquire exclusive marketing rights of international / national labels and manufacturers, with the aim to introduce nationwide and to successfully distribute products!

"Everything is possible"!

Our services include:

- exclusive international distributorship

- launch and building of distribution channels

- license-partner mediation of inter- /national

  labels and exclusive trading partners

- aqkuise of strategic investors

- political network: no trade barriers

- rapid market development

Import of BtB / BtC merchandise

Furthermore, the Company is also the exclusive distributor of raw-materials in the "food" and "non-food" sector operates to open up for the national manufacturers new markets in Europe and worldwide.


Faster market entry and development

We offer the best contacts to business and industry. Beginning of distribution partnerships to strategic large investors, we ensure a successful partnership!