Your Import & Export Partners!

Welcome to the LIGA.M - agency of marketing

We are a marketing agency that is involved in the procurement, sales and distribution of "food" and "non-food" products in BtB and BtC area.


We work as service providers and Interpreneur on behalf of clients, that introduce products with large market volume and potential in their home markets, as well as domestic products to export abroad.


Our specialty is the Near Eastern market, with a focus on middle east. Our customers include both companies and investors from our target markets, as well as European companies that dare to enter the market or find strategic partners or co-investors.


You want to act international?

As a reliable partner, we have been advising our customers for almost 10 years.


If you would also like to do business internationally, we look forward to hearing from you!

LIGA.M: Your purchasing agent!

The LIGA.M also works as a purchasing agent on behalf of customers to the worldwide Trade 

to exploit market opportunities and optimize procurement resources. The focus of business operations preceded the procurement of

Industrial and consumer goods.            ...more